To build small energy efficient healthy and comfortable cabins that can be moved easily, and that utilize high quality craftsmanship, include custom features in the design and thbe use of natural materials

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8' x 18' Butterfly Cabin

8x18 cabin, mounted on a  dual axle trailer. insulated with 3,5" rigid styrofoam.

More about The Butterfly Cabin...

The Butterfly is built with ease of moving in mind–integrated porch, 110volt electric hookup to a standard outlet, water hookup to either a garden hose or a more permanent 3/4" water line. Easy to remove propane tank.

Total weight is 5100lb.  Trailer has brakes on one axle.  Road height is 12', length, including tongue, 21'. Width, including gutters, 8' 6".

Built with glued and screwed 2 x 4 framing, it is insulated with R17 styrofoam in the walls an floor, R19 fiberglass in the ceiling. T111 siding and enameled still roof for a tight envelope. The door and windows are energy star rated.

Interior is finished with  pine ceiling and trim, floor is solid maple.

Two closets,  80" couch that opens to a double bed and built in shelves with folding desk/table in living area.

 Full kitchen with sink, propane range (with vented hood/light) fridge withe freezer, ceramic tile countertop.

Bathroom has a 32' fiberglass shower stall, bucket toilet with outside access, and fan/light in the ceiling.


8' x 14' Off Grid Cabin


8' X 18' Side Porch Cabin


15' x 20' Cabin

Built November 2010-February 2011. 20' x 15' (300 sq ft.). Insulated with 6"cellulose in the walls and 14"in the ceiling. Built on poured concrete foundation. Includes a detachable porch and a full kitchen and bath. Click here for more about this cabin.

More information about the 15' x 20' Cabin

  • 8' high wood paneled ceiling
  • Lots of built-in storage
  • Includes two closets, one with shelves and one with two rods
  • Window seat converts into a double bed and has pull out bins
  • Built with locally sawn natural edge poplar for siding...
  • on top of OSB (oriented strand board) for structure and housewrap for air sealing
  • All the envelope sheathing is nailed and glued to the frame, and so is the drywall inside, to avoid cracks during moving...
  • sheathing also provides a  tight envelope
  • Bamboo flooring
  • Enameled steel roof
  • All interior trim and cabinetry is custom crafted in natural pine
  • Small but very efficient bathroom, with a 3'x3' shower stall
  • Sold for $28,000; delivery and set-up cost an additional $2,000